Francisco Fernández Sasiaín, Industrial engineer, teacher at the Vigo Univesity, and operations manager of one auxiliar company of marine traffic, introduces us his book “Estiba y trincaje de mercancías en contenedor”. It is a manual who analyzes the procedures and the norms required to stow and lash the cargo with security, decreasing the logistics costs and avoiding sinisters. This book comes to cover the actual deficit of spanish technical bibliography in the transport world, and we are sure that it will be welcome by the professionals.

The book was introduced in May at Vigo to many of the most importants partys into the following sectors: sea, road and rail transport, Shippers, consigners, forwarders, drivers, logistics companies and surveryors. After that, the book was showed in Madrid too, in the annual congress of loss adjusters and surveyors. The professionals discovered the contents of the book and recognized that the sector demands manuals who go in depth about the technical aspects of cargo lashing.

“Estiba y trincaje de mercancías en contenedor” has 9 chapters: Cargo typology, cargo transport units, packaging, the container into the transport, cargo handling, container logistic, cargo stowage in container, cargo lashing in container and several practical examples: Along the 318 pages, the autor takes the references, the IMO (International Maritime Organization) and the UNO (Union Nations Organization) norms, and the CSS (Cargo Storage and Securing) suggestions .