Survey Reports

  • Inspections and damage cargo samplings according to the UNE-ISO 2859-2 norm or to the current applicable legislation.
  • Determine the economic damages extent, keeping in mind the possible rescue or partial loss of the damaged cargo (repacking, alternative market to another difertent planed use, commercial discount,…etc) or Total Loss (destruction, return to origin,…etc).
  • Technical analysis of the reasons which caused the damages: Examples: loading/unloading impacts, incorrect stowage or cargo lashing, watter effects (rain/sea), robbery damages, anormal refrigeration / ventilation, faults in containers (dirt, smell, watter tightness problems,…etc).
  • Proposal of preventative measures in order to avoid futures sinisters.
  • Analysis of potencial damages recovery: Once the cause that originated the damages is determined, and the documentation is analyzed, a transports chain study is done, with the related agents who took part in the different stages, in order to establish the possible responsabilities..